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Security and Defense Sectors

Institutional Reform

Knowledge Management

Political Management

Strategic Management

Critical Design

  • Superior Decisions

  • Better Decisions

  • Agile Decision Making

Critical Design is a Knowledge System composed by a Conceptual Construct and a Methodological Framework that make practical the Institutional Reform of Security and Defense Sectors.

Institutional Reforms builds Effective Governance by driving:

Policy & Budget Alignment

Fiscal & Budgetary Transparency

Resource Efficiency

Mission Effectiveness

Critical Design



  • Forge a common understanding of defense priorities, harmonizing the contributions of security actors, including those at national level, local government, the business community, civil society organizations, as well as regional and international institutions.

  • Outline the core values and interests of the nation and set guidelines for addressing current and prospective opportunities and the threat spectrum challenging these values and interests.

  • Integrate and coordinate the contributions of national security actors in response to the interests and threats deemed most important.

  • Provide benchmarks for aligning operational decisions with the short- and long-term goals of national policy, allowing for the optimal use of defense resources, helping to avoid discrepancy, redundancy and deficiency.

  • Define a set of defense capabilities that could cost-effectively address future threats emerging in foreseeable mission areas

  • Communicate the defense concerns to the international community, thus facilitating international understanding and cooperation.

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